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 I went bail for Mei Jiming as my fiance to come to Australia in June, 2008. After we got married in Australia, we formally submitted an application for his temporary spouse visa in October 2011 and submitted his permanent spouse application in August 2009. However, I left Australia and went back to China, since I needed to handle personal affairs in my hometown. Maybe my husband's permanent spouse visa application was denied because of this. We are now going to submit an application for husband for his returning back to Australia as my spouse. Hereby I will explain our story since last application. My husband arrived in Australia on March 15, 2009 for the first time.

After my husband came to Australia, I still went to work every day, while he began to know about the surrounding environment. He was responsible for buying food, cooking and cleaning room to alleviate my burden. After dinner, we often took a walk in the nearby park and knew about Australian food in supermarket.

We enjoyed talking to each other when we were free and together. We might also go to the city for having fun and taking pictures, eating food from different countries, as well as taking part in various kinds of activities.

It was not long before he found a temporary job, he did so to alleviate our life burden. On May 10, 2009, we officially got married and did registration in Melbourne, which was an unforgettable experience. We both had our own jobs and income. After getting married, he gave me his salary, our life became increasingly better.

There is something which worth mentioning: I divorced with my ex husband in November,2007. After getting married with my ex husband, I gave birth to a son, he became the guardian of our son after we got divorced. After the divorce, I moved out, rented a house and lived alone in the Hill Box area. At the beginning, my son came to see me and went out for dinner 2-3 times every month. Later, I told my ex husband that I planned to sponsor my fiance to come to Australia, he was angry and changed phone numbers of both himself and our son. From then on, I lost contact with my son, as a mother, I had a hard time due to the event. But I will not give up looking for him as long as there is any chance.

In September 2010, I learned that my mother had a health problem and was in hospital. I wanted to return China to look after her. After having a discussion with my husband, he let me book a plane ticket as son as possible. And I had always let my friends help look for my son, my family in China were also worried about this. My husband also helped me a lot during my looking for my son, he always encouraged me when we did not make any progress. When I was going to totally lose hope, a student who lived with the same house with me found QQ number of my son and left my son with my message and my phone no. In a.m. 4 of that day, my phone bell suddenly woke me up. I knew it should be my son. I replied “Are you Liu Yang? Tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival, could we have dinner together after I get off work?” In the next day, my son turned up in my workplace after I got off work. I found that my son had become tall and fat, I felt somewhat relieved, after having a conversation, I knew about his recent conditions. He told me that my ex husband left him alone in Melbourne and went to the US with his woman. My heart was full of sorrow and grief, and made the decision that I would never let him leave me any more. Later on, I told my son that his grandmother was physically poor and I wanted to return China to take care of her. At that time, my son was making preparation for exams. After the exams, he had two months of the holidays. I asked him whether he was willing to return to China with me, he immediately accepted my request. At that night, I booked two tickets and set foot on the journey to China in the night of November 3, 2010. In a.m. 11 of the next day, we arrived in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China which was home to my mother.

It was expected we would get back to Australia within 50 days. An unexpected event took place more than 10 days before we left China. My son told me that he fell in love with a girl who was a daughter of my classmate and good friend. He told me He would not go back to Australia with me, I was shocked. My son is an Australian citizen, looking for a girlfriend in China was unrealistic. Secondly, he should not date with a girl who is a daughter of my friend, something bad might occur in the future.

Thirdly, he was a college student, he might need to drop out of school if he did not come back to Australia. Fourth, I took him to China without consulting my ex husband, if any accident occurred to him, my ex husband, grandfather and grandmother of my son would be extremely angry. I immediately opposed his plan and put forward the decision of coming back to Australia together. Because of this, we began to quarrel with each other. Some days later, I became increasingly worried about him. I had no choice to negotiate with him again and proposed to let him stay in China for another 2 months. He happily agreed with my proposal. Therefore, I needed to apply for additional 2 months leave to my Australian boss. Because of my son's capricious personality, I and my husband began to quarrel. Later, he helped me and my son alter tickets for returning to Melbourne. For this matter, my husband was always angry with me and did not call me often. Then I and my son continued to stay in China. Time passed day by day, it was close to our return date, I began to pack our items and made preparation for our leave. My son started to make an ambiguous statement and ignored my words. One day before our leave, he said to me “Moom, I wan to stop school for 1 year and stay here.” After hearing what he said, I was thoroughly shocked, his decision was unacceptable. I failed to change his decision and left Sichuan angrily. My son did not keep his promise, which made me extremely angry.

On March 8th 2011, I returned to Melbourne and began to work from the second day. Because of my son, I often quarreled with my husband, but this did not affect our relationship. We continued to care for each other, life went on. After returning to Melbourne, I often called my mother who told me about my son. In that period, I did not call my son, but left him message in QQ, however, he rarely replied to me. A few months later, my lawyers informed me and my husband to submit documents for permanent residence application, in addition to work, we spent all of our time in document preparation. We provided all documents to the lawyer quickly. Sometimes I was worried about my son and often sighed, my husband comforted and enlightened me. He said my son had been 21 years old, if I did not let him go, he would be more rebellious. But I always worried about him, although he was naughty, I wanted to guide him to a right direction. In about a.m. 10:00 of December 1, 2011, I suddenly got a call from my mother who told me my so did not come back home for 2 days and she had lost connection with him. I was very anxious and was afraid of any possible accident to him. I asked my boss for half an hour off with desperation and booked a plane ticket for returning back to China on December 4th immediately. After getting off work, I hurried to told my boss about son, he allowed me to return back to China. In the afternoon of the same day, I told my husband about my son, at the same time, he was told that I had booked a plane ticket and quit job. He was silent after hearing this, we did not sleep at that night.

In the next morning, I called the girlfriend of my son who told me my son came back home after they had a quarrel, and then lost connection with family, which made me more nervous and worried. At that day, my husband did not talk a lot with me, he just sighed silently. December 3rd was my birthday, he did not work and stayed with me at home.

We went out to buy some goods together, we dined out in a restaurant at that night, but we were sad and desperate. After the dinner, we had a conversation about my son, he quarreled with me again. In the course of argument, we did not care about each other and said everything that we wanted. My missing son had made me uncomfortable, but my husband did not care about me. We even mentioned about separation. After our quarrel, we kept being silent. He did not go to work in the second day. In the afternoon of the second day, he sent me to airport, we did not talk about when I left Australia.

In the morning of December 5, 2011 morning, I went back to the home of my  mother, I started to look for my son in places where he might turn up. I did not make any progress after several days’ efforts. I never gave up the idea of looking for my son when I was in China. I would spare no efforts to find him no matter how many difficulties there were in the process. Time went by day by day, I felt increasingly more pressure. After returning to China, my mood was bad and I rarely contacted my husband and cared about his life in Australia.

After staying in China for 5 months, I did not get any news from my son and cried sadly every day. One day, I suddenly got a call from my husband who told me his permanent residence application was refused, in which we quarreled again. I thought my husband did not understand me, while he thought I didn't care for him. We were not willing to accept the refusal and quarreled severely, in which we even mentioned breaking up.

I consulted my lawyer when I left Australia, he told me I might leave Australia after submitting an application for my husband's permanent residence. I did not expect that the refusal could occur. The lawyer also told me about visa refusal, at the same time, I was told that I might lodge an appeal if I could go back to Australia. At that time, I just got a news about my son, I did not know what should I do-continue to look for my son or go back to Australia for lodging an appeal. Finally, I chose to look for my son, since I regarded looking for him as the most important thing. Because of this, the relationship between me and my husband worsened further.

In the next day, I arrived in Lijiang, Yunnan and found that my son had left away for a long time, I became depressed again. My spoiling on my son caused the bad relationship between me and my husband.

Time passed day by day, the relationship between me and my husband did not improve. When I went back to China, I had a belief that I would find my son no matter how many difficulties there were.

 I spent half a year in looking for my son, and I was exhausted physically and mentally. I almost gave up and was preparing to return to Australia. In the third day after the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, my son miraculously appeared at the door of my mother’s house. He went back to his room and closed the door. My mother followed him. 1 hour later, she went out of the room and said to me ”Do not scold him, at least he is back now. It seems that he is healthy. I have told him that you have been worried about him and cried for a long time and let him be more mature, as well as do not let family down any more!”

At that night, my son told me his experience in past months. He admitted that he left away impulsively because of breaking up with his girlfriend. One week later, my ex husband took him away.

After my son left, I began to adjust my mood and suddenly worried about my husband. I started to call him, but his phone was always unattended. On July 9, 2012 which was my husband's birthday, I gave him a message in QQ. But he still did not reply to me. One day later, I sent an email to my lawyer and told him that I did not return to Australia since I needed to look for my son. I thought the immigration officer would take into my situation into account, but that was not the case, later on, I did not get any news.

After that, I made a call to my husband, but he still did not answer. I contacted family of my husband who lived in China and explained to them everything. I learned that he would return to Nanchang, China on July 14th, I also booked a plane ticket for a flight from Chengdu to Nanchang and arrived at home of his family before him. After knowing about everything, his parents did not blame me and offered me comfort: it was normal mother worried about missing son.

In p.m. 11:00 of July 14, 2012, I went to airport to meet him with his brother. He felt surprised when he saw me there. On the way to his home, we almost did not talk. We eat dumplings with his family, after that, we stayed there. At that night, I apologized to him and told him about my experience of looking for son. After knowing about my strong worry, he began to understand me as his parents. He also admitted that he should not be too emotional and should not immediately waiver the appealing right. We mutually reflected on our own behaviors, after that, we began to live a happy life again.

Every day, I did some housework after getting up as before. Sometimes, he took the initiative to wash dishes and do cleaning to alleviate my burden. We lived a happy life everyday. After that experience, we cherished each other better. After returning to China, we stayed together all the time except when he needed to work. For all of our social activities, we attended together. A lot of our friends came to offer blessing after knowing about our wedding in Australia, we felt very happy.

In July 2007 when I left China to Australia, his parents bought a four-storey house in the suburbI provided pictures of this house in my first application. They donated a house which covered an area of 200 square meters to us, but it has not been decorated since I went to Australia that year. We wanted to decorated the house according to my favorable style, therefore, we began to do planning, design and materials section work.

 We started the work from the end of October, 2012, its decoration cost us more than 1 year. The house was full of our efforts and enthusiasm. We did decoration and layout arrangement according to our advices, therefore, we were happy about the results. After its decoration, my husband’s daughter was on holiday, so we three persons lived together. Although she always called my aunt, I regarded her as my own daughter and took good care of her. I washed her clothes and cook great breakfast for her, she really liked to eat my food, there she was happy to live with me. Sometimes I taught her how to cook her favorable food, she even invited his classmates to our home to taste our food for a few times. We got along well and happily with each other. Because our newly renovated house was far away from her school, she needed to live in city with her grandmother and grandfather after the beginning of a new term. My husband and I visited them two or three times every week, we cook great food for them and chatted with them every time. Due to the fact she was in Senior One and was faced with high study pressure, she had no time for dining out, we often cooked food at home and sent them to her. At the same time, we bought some groceries and clothes for her. We lived a happy life with our family.

Happy time pass fast, because my visa will expire in August and I receive a surgery in Australia in 2012the hospital urges me to go back for a retest, and Australian environment and climate are more suitable for our life, we decide to return to Australia. This is also because that I don't want to leave my husband and live alone in Australia anymore, and he knows I like the climate in Australia, Australian people and everything in the great country. I always show sad and helpless look, he sees me crying alone and doesn’t want to be away from me. Our parents feel happy that we live happily together, although they were against our marriage due to our large age difference. The have also offered us a lot of encouragement and mental support, as well as fund support. We should not let them down, we don’t want be separate no matter how many difficulties there are in our life. Because of the support from our family and blessing from friends blessing, as well as my persuasion, he agrees submit an application and go to Australia with me.

After living in China for a few years, I often miss my boss, colleagues and friends in Australia, and really love Australian culture and its people. I also like fresh air, blue sky and white clouds in the sky, flowers and trees, as well as flocks and herds in Australia. Australian people's optimistic, positive, healthy and cheerful spirit, as well as great national system impress me most. Australia is my second home, therefore, I am willing to submit an application and guarantee my husband to live in Australia with me again.

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